September 20th, 2013

Library Project

Infrastructure to Empower Communities

RDG Foundation, a not for profit organization, is dedicated to empowering communities through building simple infrastructure in Thailand and the Phillipines. We achieve this by working in partnership with local neighborhood leaders to determine project sites, organization, and logistics to build educational establishments, health clinics, and sports facilities.

Our highly motivated group identifies the most needy communities and beneficiaries. RDG Foundation’s core in-depth knowledge and experience of property development and social engineering has humbly allowed us to branch into such charitable work. Our passion for leaving a positive legacy and the ability to change fuels our growing infrastructure to do so. We implement, evaluate, and monitoring our projects to address the education, health, and physical fitness needs to the community in the most efficient and effective way.

RDG Foundation activities range from building custom classroom libraries and movie theaters, constructing pop-up emergency clinics to serve in natural disaster response, to laying sod for soccer stadiums for youth camps.

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